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RT @F1isP1: The onboard footage is stunning - and great view of track before the tunnel appeared! @Stuart_Dent @TalkingaboutF1 @Kristoforbr… @BlickyIan 3 0
When they saw the Hunter they both flew in 1955 I almost cried - There was also a Lightning there too - massive tha… @BlickyIan 13 152
1965 my Dad was 33 and the Boss of a lightning Squadron at RAF Wattisham- one of his pilots and Friends was Double… @BlickyIan 6 68
@pilotcharlotte They probably drive a Vauxhall Corsa - big bite Exhaust - you spend more of your life at 500kts tha… @BlickyIan 0 18
@CcibChris I would imagine the concept of operations is Stealth mode for first few days of any conflict - once Air… @BlickyIan 1 8
In Respect to Prince Harry I managed a Flypast of Windsor Castle @HeathrowAirport @VirginAtlantic @BlickyIan 24 172
@Budge135 Lucky you !! Don’t forget to look in your mirror before you pull off - oh and give way to cyclists 🚴‍♂️ @BlickyIan 0 1
@2000_zinc Hopefully in Luanda no ! @BlickyIan 0 1
Lovely epitaph ! I might have the same on mine - but please don’t add - Call Departures on 127.56 @BlickyIan 0 24
@RIATAirOps What a lovely epitaph @BlickyIan 0 3
@2000_zinc Don’t you just love it ! 😂flying in Africa a lot some one once told me it’s a clever idea to put as much… @BlickyIan 0 1
Can’t think of any reason to post this but it’s the weekend @WebChasse @Dassault_OnAir @BlickyIan 17 64
Each flight the pilot does a final check of the aircraft by a walking round it - looking for anything untoward - de… @BlickyIan 1 38
Pleasure ! I’ll find another one for today - then it’s royal Wedding time ! @BlickyIan 0 2
@HeathrowAirport Oh that’s very kind -.... I have lots more !!! Part of the job 😂have a lovely day @BlickyIan 0 0
A glint of the first rays of sunlight early morning arrival illuminated the Shard #London @BlickyIan 1 13
Best part of being a Long Haul Pilot - coming home @visitlondon @HeathrowAirport @Boeing landing the @Boeing787News… @BlickyIan 4 44
The plan is to find somewhere to have a combat Kip ! @BlickyIan 0 5
@Alessan54815934 I actually hope I get to fly the 340-600 again and then who knows Airbus’s lovely A350 ! @BlickyIan 0 0 ...location Siberia in the nose 2000 feet above ... @BlickyIan 24 128
RT @Little_G2: Not entirely sold on the remake of Bottom if I'm honest @BlickyIan 21 0
@TimSv1000s @Avscene @JohnNicholRAF @simonschusterUK Don’t do that get JN to get you a copy and I’ll get one of the… @BlickyIan 0 1
@lightningotd That’s the one @BlickyIan 0 2
@Godderstwit @testpilotjim I can just imagine a QFI bleating ....that’s it keep it coming down keep it coming down 😂 @BlickyIan 0 2