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RT @BillyBuckRoscoe: Spent entirely too much time on this so if @realDonaldTrump doesn't RT I may quit the internet for good… @BlickyIan 6106 0
@gmwaterfall @RAFRed10 @rafredarrows @UKinCyprus Golf Dispersal seems to have grown !!! @BlickyIan 0 0
@gmwaterfall @RAFRed10 @rafredarrows @UKinCyprus Is that like a fighting wing 9 ship 😂 @BlickyIan 0 0
@Godderstwit Amazing what you see on a dog walk in your home town - Bob Doe - respect @BlickyIan 1 8
@Godderstwit As per Chris P - when you start to go Mad pop down for lunch we are in Reigate leafy Surrey 30 mins on train @BlickyIan 0 2
@flyingsaucer1 Makes the 787 map look like one Columbus might have used @BlickyIan 0 0
@737pilotpaul Well yes and no - quite a few are still flying F15/16/18 but yes the F3s and F14s are all gone lots of Mirage 2000 though @BlickyIan 0 1
@757captain @JohnNicholRAF @tornadohq 25 was fully forward then mid 45 and fully swept 67 in the F3 - on the GR I t… @BlickyIan 0 0
@757captain @JohnNicholRAF @tornadohq What the wings ? Or sausage side ? - not brace enough for that !! @BlickyIan 0 2
Good grief I'd be scarred for life if those were my kids toys @BlickyIan 0 3
RT @edent: This is BRILLIANT!
Oxford Council converting old lamp posts to be electric car chargers.
The infrastructure is there & easy to u…
@BlickyIan 497 0
@JohnNicholRAF If you look where my Pipper is ( pilot shit) I don't think I'd have been doing much if I squeezed the trigger either ! 😂 @BlickyIan 0 1
RT @BeAirForce: today, 🇧🇪#F16 pilots start next phase of their #FWIT2017 training at Bødø Air Base in Norway together with colleagues of E… @BlickyIan 12 0
RT @MbKS15: "We Train As We Fight, We Fight As We Train" #RSAF🦅🇸🇦 @BlickyIan 105 0
@JohnNicholRAF Bit like you then 😂 @BlickyIan 0 6
Tornado Book or Zinc ( Cold War Combat Jets ) ??? Decisions @BlickyIan 4 21
Flying round cap during GW 1 @BlickyIan 11 34
@toroonthemove 😂very careless - or the back seater has had enough ? Or perhaps the back seater was married to the front seater 😂 @BlickyIan 0 0
@JohnNicholRAF @tornadohq starting work on a new book for 2018 25-45-67 is the title - RAF Tornado @BlickyIan 5 44
@lightningotd night formation take offs ... not strictly legal but !! @BlickyIan 5 28
Phantom aerobatics @OldPlot silly stuff eh Nick ! @BlickyIan 3 12
Old man stuff - working on a new book -ZINC - available soon from @www.firestreakbooks.con @BlickyIan 7 22
@SimonCalder As a Travel Journalist I'd like to think your stories are 100% factual - are you sure that it was a B7… @BlickyIan 0 3