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@NZAircraftFan Luckily she doesn’t look at Twitter 😂 im only available for adoption mon - fri 9-5 🤭 @BlickyIan 0 0
RT @BAESystemsAir: Past, present and future. On the same day as the Spitfire made its maiden flight in 1936, we are proud to still be deliv… @BlickyIan 135 0
@gmwaterfall @RoyalAirForce It will be empty when I get back !!! @BlickyIan 0 0
@gmwaterfall @RoyalAirForce Put me down for a tenner !£ I’m in HKG at present and it won’t take pay pal - stupidly… @BlickyIan 0 0
#HongKong just an awesome place to be with a camera @BlickyIan 1 24
RT @gmwaterfall: Please help me raise money in a once in a Century event. I am leading (or following!) a team of 100 riders cycling 100 mi… @BlickyIan 20 0
RT @haveigotnews: Vladimir Putin defends integrity of Russian elections after securing 134% of the vote. @BlickyIan 1305 0
That’s going to need a few tubes of airfix glue @BlickyIan 3 11
I’m available for adoption 😂😂 @BlickyIan 2 9
@No1SofTT Nice pic ! No e in Tornados @BlickyIan 0 4
@MintyModF1 @OldPlot Excellent- we had 265 passengers James a quick calculator exercise and that’s £175 each on fue… @BlickyIan 0 1
@DT_britain Never too late - it was or is an EE Lightning with fly by wire - makes any pilot look good ..... even me @BlickyIan 0 0
@Mrdini Very true perk of the job I guess - but we don’t get to watch movies for 10 hrs - honestly ! @BlickyIan 0 0
@Armee_de_lair @WebChasse @AvgeeksFR I am just selecting the cover for my new book 🧐 @BlickyIan 0 13
It’s farrow and ball salmon mousse actually @BlickyIan 0 5
@Rayjones323 @annabotting No idea what you’re on about @BlickyIan 0 0
Turning finals for runway 25 there’s one crazy city down there #HongKong @BlickyIan 0 24
So in the end we shaved 4 minutes off the flight time 10;46 to hongkong and saved 200 kgs of fuel ⛽️ #Boeing787 @BlickyIan 2 23
Park lane still .... @BlickyIan 0 3
Sunrise in #HongKong the view from my window right now it’s a beautiful day @BlickyIan 3 30
Landing into Hong Kong 🇭🇰 #HongKong ATC are renowned for being good at a#Heathrow but Hong Kong ATC are up there wi… @BlickyIan 3 51
@DT_britain Awesome 😎 looks like the Queen flew Typhoons too 😂 claim to fame is my Lightning Mk6 ( not a P38 or… @BlickyIan 0 1
@coffey1_david I haven’t flown the 330 neo only the 330 and 787 from all accounts the 350 is exceptional @BlickyIan 0 1
@coffey1_david I think they mean the 330 neo but yes 350/787 is better @BlickyIan 0 1